Kevin Brown kirjutas R, 07.03.2003 kell 12:05:
> Tatsuo Ishii wrote:
> > Today I revisited the implemnetation (replacing sync() with
> > open/_commit) I made several days ago and found a bug with it (thanks
> > to Hiroshi). With the fixed version of it, now my Win32 port has
> > passed your test even right after checkpoint!.
> I presume that this implementation tracks which files have been opened
> and uses _commit() to write all the changes to disk for those files?

But are there quarantees that all closed files are flushed to disk as
well ?

Does postgres quarantee it by doing a _commit() before close() or do
file system semantics quarantee that filehits the disk whan close()'d (I
guess it does not not).


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