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> I am not (or no longer) sure how that argument affects INSERT on
> partitioned tables with tuple-routing though.  Are partitions at all
> levels *implicitly specified to be affected* when we say INSERT INTO
> root_partitioned_table?

I'd say yes.

>> Some of the other things that we might want to consider disallowing on
>> parent table could be:
>> a. Policy on table_name
> Perhaps.  Since there are no rows in the parent table(s) itself of a
> partition hierarchy, it might not make sense to continue to allow creating
> row-level security policies on them.

No, per my previous email.  Those policies are emphatically not without effect.

>> b. Alter table has many clauses, are all of those allowed and will it
>> make sense to allow them?
> Currently, we only disallow the following with partitioned parent tables
> as far as alter table is concerned.
> - cannot change inheritance by ALTER TABLE partitioned_table INHERIT ...
> - cannot let them be regular inheritance parents either - that is, the
>   following is disallowed: ALTER TABLE some_able INHERIT partitioned_table
> - cannot create UNIQUE, PRIMARY KEY, FOREIGN KEY, EXCLUDE constraints
> - cannot drop column involved in the partitioning key
> Most other forms that affect attributes and constraints follow the regular
> inheritance behavior (recursion) with certain exceptions such as:
> - cannot add/drop an attribute or check constraint to *only* to/from
>   the parent
> - cannot add/drop NOT NULL constraint to/from *only* the parent
> Thoughts?

Seems sensible to me.

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