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> And here we go. Here is a review as well as a large brush-up for this
> patch. A couple of things:
Thanks for reviewing the patch in detail.

> - Speaking of which using BKPIMAGE_IS_REQUIRED_FOR_REDO stored in the
> block definition is sort of weird because we want to know if
> consistency should be checked at a higher level.
A full page image can be included in the WAL record because of the following
1. It needs to be restored during replay.
2. WAL consistency should be checked for the record.
3. Both of above.
In your patch, you've included a full page image whenever wal_consistency
is true. So, XLogReadBufferForRedoExtended always restores the image
and returns BLK_RESTORED, which is unacceptable. We can't change
the default WAL replay behaviour. A full image should only be restored if it is
necessary to do so. Although, I agree that BKPIMAGE_IS_REQUIRED_FOR_REDO
doesn't look a clean way to implement this feature.

> - wal_consistency is using a list of RMGRs, at the cost of being
> PGC_POSTMASTER. I'd suggest making it PGC_SUSER, and use a boolean (I
> have been thinking hard about that, and still I don't see the point).
> It is rather easy to for example default it to false, and enable it to
> true to check if a certain code path is correctly exercised or not for
> WAL consistency. Note that this simplification reduces the patch size
> by 100~150 lines. I know, I know, I'd expect some complains about
> that....
As Robert also told, if I'm focusing on a single AM, I really don't
want to store
full images and perform consistency check for other AMs.

> On top of that, I have done a fair amount of testing, creating
> manually some inconsistencies in the REDO routines to trigger failures
> on standbys. And that was sort of fun to break things intentionally.
I know the feeling. :)

Thanks & Regards,
Kuntal Ghosh
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