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> On 10/25/16 1:38 AM, Haribabu Kommi wrote:
> > Here I attached the first version of patch that supports both EUI-48 and
> > EUI-64 type
> > Mac addresses with a single datatype called macaddr. This is an variable
> > length
> > datatype similar like inet. It can store both 6 and 8 byte addresses.
> > Variable length
> > type is used because in case in future, if MAC address gets enhanced,
> > still this type
> > can support without breaking DISK compatibility.
> Since the world knows the 6-byte variant as MAC-48, shouldn't it be
> renamed to macaddr48 or even mac48?

Yes. Before doing this change, it is better to confirm the approach and
then do all the changes.

1. Does everyone agrees that renaming the existing datatype without
changing the OID?

2. The old macaddress datatype rename to mac48 macaddr48
or macaddr6 or mac6.

3. Add the new datatype with the name that supports both 48 bit
and 64 bit MAC address.

4. The new datatype is of variable length datatype similar like INET,
so it can handle any future changes.

> > Currently the patch lacks of documentation. Comments?
> For patches like this, it would be good if you included a mock commit
> message so that someone who comes in late knows what's going on.

Thanks, I will do it from now onward.

Hari Babu
Fujitsu Australia

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