On Wed, Nov 9, 2016 at 11:56 AM, Konstantin Knizhnik
<k.knizh...@postgrespro.ru> wrote:
> Now simulate server crash using using "pkill -9 postgres".
> knizhnik@knizhnik:~/dtm-data$ rm -f logfile ; pg_ctl -D pgsql.master -l
> logfile start
> pg_ctl: another server might be running; trying to start server anyway
> server starting
> knizhnik@knizhnik:~/dtm-data$ psql postgres
> psql (10devel)
> Type "help" for help.
> postgres=# select * from foo;
> ERROR:  could not open file "pg_tblspc/16384/PG_10_201611041/12289/16385":
> No such file or directory
> knizhnik@knizhnik:~/dtm-data$ ls fs
> PG_10_201611041
> knizhnik@knizhnik:~/dtm-data$ ls fs/PG_10_201611041/
> So all relation directory is removed!
> It happens only for first table created in tablespace.
> If you create table in Postgres data directory everything is ok: first
> segment of relation is truncated but not deleted.

Whoa.  There should be an _init fork that doesn't get removed, and
without removing the _init fork you shouldn't be able to remove the
directory that contains it.

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