- Applies and passes the test suite.

- I think this is a good change since it increases the consistency of the operators. I also like the choice of <<@ and @>> since they feel intuitive to me.

- I tested it and both old and new operators use the brin and gist indexes.

- The new spgist index does not support the old deprecated operators, which is intentional. I do not have a strong opinion here either way but some people may find this surprising.

- I am not convinced that your changes to the descriptions of the operators necessarily make things clearer. For example "is contained by and smaller network (subnet)" only mentions subnets and not IP-addresses.

- Maybe change "deprecated and will eventually be removed." to "deprecated and may be removed in a future release.". I prefer that latter wording but I am fine with either.

- Won't renaming the functions which implement risk breaking people's applications? While the new names are a bit nicer I am not sure it is worth doing.

- The changes to the code look generally good.


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