> - I am not convinced that your changes to the descriptions of the operators
> necessarily make things clearer. For example "is contained by and smaller
> network (subnet)" only mentions subnets and not IP-addresses.

I was trying to avoid confusion.  <@ is the "contained by" operator
which is also returning true when both sides are equal.  We shouldn't
continue calling <<@ also "contained by".  I removed the "(subnet)"
and "(supernet)" additions.  Can you think of any better wording?

> - Maybe change "deprecated and will eventually be removed." to "deprecated
> and may be removed in a future release.". I prefer that latter wording but I
> am fine with either.

I copied that note from the Geometric Functions and Operators page.

> - Won't renaming the functions which implement risk breaking people's
> applications? While the new names are a bit nicer I am not sure it is worth
> doing.

You are right.  I reverted that part.

> - The changes to the code look generally good.

Thank you for the review.  New version is attached.

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