On 11/16/16 1:14 PM, Erik Rijkers wrote:
> real    5m21.348s  -- for 'make -j 8 html'
> versus
> real    1m8.502s   -- for 'make -j 8 oldhtml'
> Centos 6.6 - I suppose it's getting a bit old, I don't know if that's 
> the cause of the discrepancy with other's measurements.

I tested the build on a variety of operating systems, including that
one, with different tool chain versions and I am getting consistent
performance.  So the above is unclear to me at the moment.

For the heck of it, run this

xsltproc --nonet --stringparam pg.version '10devel'  stylesheet.xsl

to make sure it's not downloading something from the network.

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