On 11/18/16 4:35 PM, Magnus Hagander wrote:
Another option would be to teach the URL shortener about our messages
specifically, and just use an internal surrogate key we already have for
them. That way it could be something like the current Planet URLs (which
can be for example http://postgr.es/p/3Dl), so much shorter. To post one
people would have to go to a webform and paste in the messageid or
existing URL though -- or we could put a link on the page in the archives.

It would make the URLs actually short, but as mentioned upthread, that
wouldn't work at all if offline. So it'd be a tradeoff between those,
but so are pretty much all other options that don't include the full

Would it be possible to stick that surrogate key into outgoing list messages as an X- header?
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