On Mon, 10 Mar 2003, Tom Lane wrote:

> One of the $64 questions that has to be answered is how much work we're
> willing to expend on backwards compatibility.  The path of least
> resistance would be to handle it the same way we've done protocol
> revisions in the past: the backend will be able to handle both old and
> new protocols (so it can talk to old clients) but libpq would be revised
> to speak only the new protocol (so new/recompiled clients couldn't talk
> to old backends).  We've gotten away with this approach in the past, but
> the last time was release 6.4.  I fully expect to hear more complaints
> now.

Personally ... as long as a v8.x client can talk to a v7.x backend, you
have my vote ... I'm more apt to upgrade my clients before my servers
anyway ...

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