> > One addition I would personally like to see (it comes up in my
> > apps code) is the ability to detect wheather the server is big
> > endian or little endian.  When using binary cursors this is
> > necessary in order to read int data.
> Actually, my hope is to eliminate that business entirely by
> standardizing the on-the-wire representation for binary data; note
> the reference to send/receive routines in the original message.  For
> integer data this is simple enough: network byte order will be it.
> I'm not sure yet what to do about float data.

When were talking sending data across the wire, are we talking about a
format that would let the server use sendfile() for sending the data
to the client? Having a database that can send data to the client
efficiently would be a nice change of pace given most databases since
RDBMSs are notoriously slow (slower than NFS) at sending files to
clients.  -sc

Sean Chittenden

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