Justin Clift wrote:

Hi everyone,

Thinking about the numbering further.

Would it be cool to decide on the version numbering of our next release like this:

 + If it looks like we'll have Win32 and/or PITR recovery in time for
   the next release, we call it PostgreSQL 8.0

+ If not, we call it 7.4

Win32 and PITR are great big features that will take us a long way to the goal of Enterprise suitability. They're worth making some specific marketing/branding efforts about and making a big fuss, that why I'd like to see them in an 8.0 release.

Sound feasible?

Sounds reasonable, but from a "change" perspective, the FE/BE protocol, Win32, and PITR, I would say that this is a "new" PostgreSQL, thus should be 8.0. I thought when WAL was added that warrented a different major version, but hey, that's me.

But, if the decision is to go for an 8.0, then it should be reasonable to be a little bit more aggresive about adding features and perhaps a few wish list items. What I mean is, if it is just a minor release, one just expects minor improvements and bug fixes. If it is a major release, then one expects an update of the "PostgreSQL vision."

So, if the decision is to go with an 8.0, what would you guys say to having a roll call about stuff that is "possible" and "practical" and really design "PostgreSQL 8.0" as something fundimentally "newer" than 7.x. "8.0" could get the project some hype. It has been 7x for so many years.

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