I think the first thing we should do about that is to define what are the
reasons for a major version change. The way this discussion is being taken
will not take us anywhere... is just too much about personal opinions. 
  Anyway, for most users a win32 port is not a big deal (after all,
practically all of us are using pgsql in an unix-like system)... but a lot of
Windows users that doesn`t try pgsql because mysql is just so easy to install
on windows machines...
  and they`re much better in marketing too. Well, they have a company behind them.

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> Justin Clift writes:
> >   + If it looks like we'll have Win32 and/or PITR recovery in time for
> >     the next release, we call it PostgreSQL 8.0
> To me, those sound fairly unspectacular as reasons for 8.0.
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