On Tue, Nov 22, 2016 at 5:55 PM, Ideriha, Takeshi
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> Here's a summary for what I tested  in RHEL7.0, details follow.

Thanks for the review.

> [Summary]
> 1. apply patch and make world
>   -> failed because </para> was mistakenly coded <para>.
> 2´╝Äcorrect this mistake and make check-world
>   -> got 1 failed test: "'pg_dumpall with \n\r in database name'"
>      because test script cannot createdb "foo\n\rbar"

The attached version addresses those problems. I have replaced the
test in src/bin/pg_dump/t/ by tests in src/bin/scripts/t/ to check if
the role name and database name with CR or LF fail to be created. I
have as well added a test for initdb when the data directory has an
incorrect character in 0002.

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