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Hello Tomas,

While the 9.6 cat is out of the bag, I think we can fix this quite
easily - use "-1" to specify the default value should be used, and use
that in the sample file. This won't break any user configuration.

Although I understand the issue, I'm not sure about -1 as a special
value to mean the default.

Why? We use wal_buffers=-1 to use the default (depending on the size
of shared_buffers), for example.

Indeed. Just my 0.02€:

ISTM that the use of -1 is not very consistent, as it may mean:

 - default: autovacuum_work_mem, wal_buffers

 - disable: temp_file_limit, old_snapshot_limit,
     max_standby_*_delay, log_min_duration_statement

And sometimes disable is the default, but not always:-) Basically I'm
not sure that adding some more confusion around that helps much...

Well, the inconsistency is already there. Some GUCs use -1 as "use default value" and others using it as "disable". Picking one of those does not really increase the confusion, and it fixes the issue of having a default mismatching the commented-out example.


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