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ashutosh.ba...@enterprisedb.com> wrote:

> It could be because of some un-initialised variable, which is
> initialized appropriately by default on your machine but not on my
> machine. I first applied your pg_hba_rules... patch, ran regression.
> It didn't crash. then I applied patch for discard_hba... and it
> started crashing. Does that give you any clue? Here's regression.out
> file for make installcheck. Here is error log snippet that shows a
> SIGSEGV there.
> 2016-11-22 15:47:11.939 IST [86206] LOG:  worker process: parallel
> worker for PID 86779 (PID 86780) was terminated by signal 11:
> Segmentation fault
> 2016-11-22 15:47:11.939 IST [86206] LOG:  terminating any other active
> server processes
> 2016-11-22 15:47:11.939 IST [86779] WARNING:  terminating connection
> because of crash of another server process
> 2016-11-22 15:47:11.939 IST [86779] DETAIL:  The postmaster has
> commanded this server process to roll back the current transaction and
> exit, because another server process exited abnormally and possibly
> corrupted shared memory.
> Applying those patches in any order doesn't matter.

I am not able to reproduce the crash both in debug and release mode
builds with both check and installcheck options.

Can you please share the back trace of the crash, so that it will be helpful
for me to locate the problem.

Hari Babu
Fujitsu Australia

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