Craig Ringer <> writes:
> It's definitely annoying, in both directions. ? wasn't a great choice
> for an operator character but it's logical and was grandfathered over
> from hstore.

It was grandfathered from a lot further back than that.  A quick look
into the system catalogs says that core Postgres currently has 21
operators that include "?" in their names.  Three of those are the
jsonb operators, and the other 18 have been there since circa 1997.
(Most of them seem to date to Tom Lockhart's commit 3c2d74d2a, but
"<?>" is present in Berkeley Postgres v4r2, released in 1994.)

I do not have a lot of patience with client-side code that's unable
to deal with operator names containing "?".  It's not like this
requirement has blindsided anybody in this century.

                        regards, tom lane

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