Hello Andres,

for testing - like yesterday's 6ef2eba3f - it's annoying that
checkpoint_timeout has 30s minimum. I've now locally patched that to be
1s a significant number of times.

While it's not a particularly good idea to set it to 1s on a production
system, I don't see why we need to prevent that. It's not like 30s is
likely to be a good idea either.

Hence I'd like to set the lower limit to 1s.

My 0.02€:

I have also resorted to reduce this limit in order to reduce latency and avoid postgres freezing on checkpoints, before checkpoint buffers where sorted. I think I may have tried down to 0.1s which involved some changes, and it worked quite well for the purpose.

So basically I would also be in favor to reduce the lower limit down to 1 second, maybe with a warning output when set to low values, say under 1 minute, as you propose.

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