On 1/7/17 8:53 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
If FOUND were declared at an outer scoping level such that any
user-created declaration overrode the name, then we could do likewise
for other auto variables and not fear compatibility breaks.

Currently, though, we don't seem to be quite there: it looks like
FOUND is an outer variable with respect to DECLARE blocks, but it's
more closely nested than parameter names.

Sorry, I'm not following... you can override a parameter name the same way and get the same behavior, no?

BTW, I do wish you could change the label of the scope that arguments went into, so that you could use that label to refer to function parameters. If we allowed that it'd perhaps be the best of both worlds: you'd be guaranteed access to all auto variables and parameters, and that access wouldn't need to be tied to the function name (which can be both painful and error prone).
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