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Really?  What language would you pick in a vacuum?  The Linux kernel
is written in C, too, for pretty much the same reasons: it's the
canonical language for system software.  I don't deny that there may
be some newer languages out which could theoretically be used and work
well, but do any of them really have a development community and user
base around them that is robust enough that we'd want to be downstream
of it?  C has its annoyances, but its sheer pervasiveness is an
extremely appealing feature.

If we boil this down, I don't think any of this idea has to do with the fact that our database is written in C. I think it has to do with C is no longer "hip". We don't want to be hip. We are database people. Leave hip to MongoDB.

We want performance, stability, maturity and portability. (Not necessarily in that order).

There is not a single above hardware language (E.g; let's not rewrite in assembly) that provides those four requirements.

Rust is awesome. It is also 5 years old.
Go is awesome. It is also 8 years old.

C is awesome. It is 39 years old.

In human terms, C is the only one of these that has been around long enough to realize it isn't a teenager (or child really), and although you may still be able to do the things you could in your 20s, you are going to pay for them the next day.


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