On 1/13/17 10:56 PM, Serge Rielau wrote:
But what irks me in this debate is that any reasoned and detailed
argumentation of value of the principle itself is shut down with
un-reasoned and un-detailed one-liners.
“I’m not convinced” is not an argument.
Counterpoints require content. Something starting with “because …”


I really can't fathom how someone can flatly say that a nested namespace is a dumb idea. Your filesystem does this. So does plpgsql. I could absolutely make use of nested "schemas" (or make it some other feature if "nested schema" offends you so much).

I agree that a nested namespace might violate ANSI (depending on if you overload schema/module), and that it might be hard to do with how Postgres currently works. And those may be reason enough not to attempt the effort. But those have *nothing* to do with how useful such a feature would be to users.

This is similar to the 10+ years users would ask for "DDL triggers" and get jumped all over because of how hard it would be to actually put a trigger on a catalog table. Thankfully someone that knew the code AND understood the user desire came up with the notion of event triggers that put hooks into every individual DDL command. Users got what they wanted, without any need to put "real triggers" on catalog tables.

FWIW, what I wish for in this area is:

- SOME kind of nested namespace for mulitple kinds of objects (not just functions)
- A way to mark those namespaces (and possibly other objects) as private.
- A way to reference extensions from other extensions and deal with extensions being moved to a different schema (or namespace).
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