>>>>> "Justin" == Justin Pryzby <pry...@telsasoft.com> writes:

 Justin> Is this expected behavior ?

 Justin> ts=# SELECT * FROM t WHERE site_id=32768 LIMIT 1;
 Justin> (0 rows)

 Justin> ts=# PREPARE x AS SELECT * FROM t WHERE site_id=$1 LIMIT 1;
 Justin> PREPARE
 Justin> ts=# EXECUTE x(32768);
 Justin> ERROR:  smallint out of range

If column "site_id" is of type smallint, then parse analysis will deduce
a type of smallint for $1, which is otherwise of unknown type. So the
prepared statement "x" then has one parameter of type smallint.

Passing 32768 for that parameter therefore fails with the expected error.

 Justin> ts=# PREPARE y AS SELECT * FROM t WHERE site_id::int=$1 LIMIT 1;
 Justin> PREPARE

Now $1 is of type integer, not smallint, because parse analysis sees
(integer = unknown) and deduces the type from that.

(a better way would be WHERE site_id = $1::integer, which would allow
index usage on site_id, unlike your example)

Andrew (irc:RhodiumToad)

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