1: unrecognized value "whatever" for "\if"; assuming "on"

I do not think that the script should continue with such an assumption.

I agree, and this means we can't use ParseVariableBool() as-is. I already broke out argument reading to it's own function, knowing that it'd be the stub for expressions. So I guess we start that now. What subset of true-ish values do you think we should support? If we think that real expressions are possible soon, we could only allow 'true' and 'false' for now, but if we expect that expressions might not make it into v10, then perhaps we should support the same text values that coerce to booleans on the server side.

Hmmm. I would text value that coerce to true? I would also accept non-zero integers (eg SELECT 1::BOOL; -- t).

I would suggest to assume false on everything else, and/or maybe to ignore the whole if/endif section in such cases.

All valid issues. Will add those to the regression as well (with
ON_ERROR_STOP disabled, obviously).

ISTM that with TAP test you can check for error returns, so maybe this can be done.


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