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> Hello Daniel,
> A comment about control flow and variables: in branches that are not
>> taken, variables are expanded nonetheless, in a way that can be surprising.
>> Case in point:
>> \set var 'ab''cd'
>> -- select :var;
>> \if false
>>  select :var ;
>> \else
>>  select 1;
>> \endif
>> To avoid that kind of trouble, would it make sense not to expand
>> variables in untaken branches?
> Hmmm. This case is somehow contrived (for a string, :'var' could be used,
> in which case escaping would avoid the hazard), but I think that what you
> suggest is a better behavior, if easy to implement.
> --
> Fabien.

Good question, Daniel. Variable expansion seems to be done via
psql_get_variable which is invoked via callback, which means that I might
have to move branch_block_active into PsqlSettings. That's slightly
different because the existing boolean is scoped with MainLoop(), but
there's no way to get to a new MainLoop unless you're in an executing
branch, and no way to legally exit a MainLoop with an unbalanced if-endif
state. In short, I think it's better behavior. It does prevent someone from
setting a variable to '\endif' and expecting that to work, like this:

select case
     when random() < 0.5 then '\endif'
     else E'\else\n\echo fooled you\n\endif'
end as contrived_metaprogramming

\if false

I'm sure someone will argue that preventing that is a good thing. Unless
someone sees a good reason not to move that PsqlSettings, I'll make that

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