I'm spending time to try to make something useful of pgbench, which require a bunch of patches that work together to improve it for new use case, including not being limited to the current set of operators.

This decision is both illogical and arbitrary.

I disagree.  I think his decision was probably based on this email from me:


Nobody responded to that,

The answer is on the same day a direct reply that you can check here:


The short version is: I have removed XOR and replaced "if" with the SQL CASE syntax, and provided justification for the added operators in a benchmarking context, i.e. some kind of test is necessary for TPC-B 2.0.0. For conditions, logical expressions are needed. Bitwise operators are used to skew distribution in some benchmarks (TPC-C as I recall). Functions ln/exp could be used for the same purpose, but I can remove those two if this is a blocker.


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