* Robert Haas (robertmh...@gmail.com) wrote:
> And I think that's all pretty reasonable.  I don't consider this a
> done deal yet.  I don't consider your -1 irrelevant.  But I don't
> think it's fair to present this as if I am somehow running roughshod
> over community process, either.  If a large crew of people show up to
> insist that we should rename only the directories and nothing else, I
> guess I'll have to live with that.  But I think that's a bad decision
> that will never survive the passage of time, and there seem to be
> several people who agree with me.

+1 (to the above, and the rest of Robert's comments on that email).

For my 2c, I'm also in the crowd of forward or back, but don't leave it
half-done.  My preference is certainly to move forward with these
changes, but I understand the process and if there's enough agreement
that we just shouldn't make these changes, then we really shouldn't make
any of them.



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