2. Inside an \if block \q should be given precedence and cause a direct exit of psql (or at the very least exit the if block(s)), as in regular SQL statements (compare: 'select * from t \q' which will immediately exit psql -- this is good. )

One use case if to be able to write "\if ... \q \endif" in scripts. If \q is always executed, then the use case is blown. I cannot think of any language that would execute anything in a false branch. So Ctrl-C or Ctrl-D is the way out, and \if control must really have precedence over its contents.

After giving it some more thoughts, a possible solution could be to have a "\exit [status]" which could be ignored (there has been some talk about that one), and have \q which is not, but I would find it weird and error prone for the user. As already said, \if use-case is not about interactive psql.


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