We could just issue interactive-only warnings when:
- A user types a branching condition command which sets the branch inactive
- A user types a command or query when the current branch is inactive.

The warnings could be specific about state, something like:

psql session is now in an inactive \if branch. No queries will be executed
and only branching commands (\if, \elif, \else, \endif) will be evaluated.

My 0.02€: it looks too verbose, should stay on one short line. Maybe:

  (in|)active (\if|\elif|\else), (execut|ignor)ing commands

Although there is some redundancy...

   calvin=>    \if true
     active \if: executing commands
   calvin=(t)> \echo ok
   calvin=(t)> \else
     inactive \else: skipping commands
   calvin=(f)> ...

Maybe it could be controlled, say based on VERBOSITY setting (which really controls verbosity of error reports) or some other.

I'm unsure whether it is a good idea, I like terse interfaces, but this is just an opinion.

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