From: Tom Lane []:
> Kyle Gearhart <> writes:
>> The guts of pqRowProcessor in libpq does a good bit of work to maintain the 
>> internal data structure of a PGresult.  There are a few use cases where the 
>> caller doesn't need the ability to access the result set row by row, column 
>> by column using PQgetvalue.  Think of an ORM that is just going to copy the 
>> data from PGresult for each row into its own structures.

> It seems like you're sort of reinventing "single row mode":

> Do we really need yet another way of breaking the unitary-query-result 
> abstraction?

If it's four times faster...then the option should be available in libpq.  I'm 
traveling tomorrow but will try to get a patch and proof with pgbench dataset 
up by the middle of the week.  

The performance gains are consistent with Jim Nasby's findings with SPI.

Kyle Gearhart

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