On Mon, Feb 13, 2017 Merlin Moncure wrote:
>A barebones callback mode ISTM is a complete departure from the classic 
>PGresult interface.  This code is pretty unpleasant IMO:
acct->abalance = *((int*)PQgetvalue(res, 0, i)); abalance = 

> Your code is faster but foists a lot of the work on the user, so it's kind of 
> cheating in a way (although very carefully written applications might be able 
> to benefit).

The bit you call out above is for single row mode.  Binary mode is a slippery 
slope, with or without the proposed callback.

Let's remember that one of the biggest, often overlooked, gains when using an 
ORM is that it abstracts all this mess away.  The goal here is to prevent all 
the ORM/framework folks from having to implement protocol.  Otherwise they get 
to wait on libpq to copy from the socket to the PGconn buffer to the PGresult 
structure to their buffers.  The callback keeps the slowest guy on the 
team...on the bench. 

Kyle Gearhart

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