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> >> Are 2 workers required?
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> > I think in the new design there is a provision of launching the worker
> > dynamically to dump the buffers, so there seems to be a need of
> > separate workers for loading and dumping the buffers.  However, there
> > is no explanation in the patch or otherwise when and why this needs a
> > pair of workers.  Also, if the dump interval is greater than zero,
> > then do we really need to separately register a dynamic worker?
> We have introduced a new value  -1 for pg_prewarm.dump_interval this
> means we will not dump at all, At this state, I thought auto
> pg_prewarm process need not run at all, so I coded to exit the auto
> pg_prewarm immediately. But If the user decides to start the auto
> pg_prewarm to dump only without restarting the server, I have
> introduced a launcher function "launch_pg_prewarm_dump" to restart the
> auto pg_prewarm only to dump. Since now we can launch worker only to
> dump, I thought we can redistribute the code between two workers, one
> which only does prewarm (load only) and another dumps periodically.
> This helped me to modularize and reuse the code. So once load worker
> has finished its job, it registers a dump worker and then exists.
> But if max_worker_processes is not enough to launch the "auto
> pg_prewarm dump" bgworker
> We throw an error
> 2017-02-07 14:51:59.789 IST [50481] ERROR:  registering dynamic
> bgworker "auto pg_prewarm dump" failed c
> 2017-02-07 14:51:59.789 IST [50481] HINT:  Consider increasing
> configuration parameter "max_worker_processes".
> Now thinking again instead of such error and then correcting same by
> explicitly launching the auto pg_prewarm dump bgwroker through
> launch_pg_prewarm_dump(), I can go back to original design where there
> will be one worker which loads and then dumps periodically. And
> launch_pg_prewarm_dump will relaunch dump only activity of that
> worker. Does this sound good?

 Yes it would be better to have only one pg_prewarm worker as the loader is
idle for the entire server run time after the initial load activity of few

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