On 2/9/17 6:37 PM, Andres Freund wrote:
Anybody who still wants tsearch2 can go get it from an old version, or
somebody can maintain a fork on github.
Works for me.


I'd love to nuke pg_shadow and all the other
not-really-maintained backwards-compat things from when roles were
added too.
Not sure if it's worth the work to rip out and such, but I'm mildly
supportive of this one too.  Depends a bit on what all the other things
are ;)

The problem with pg_shadow is unless you specifically looked at it in the docs after 8.1, you had no idea it was deprecated. I don't really think of it as deprecated.

As someone mentioned, forcing a user to install an extension makes the deprecation visible. Another option would be to have the backend spit out a WARNING the first time you access anything that's deprecated. Both of those are pertinent reminders to people that they need to change their tools.
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