On 2/10/17 2:24 PM, Andrew Dunstan wrote:
There's a bunch of these things in /contrib which really ought to be
PGXN extensions (also CUBE, earthdistance, etc.).  However, one of the
steps in that would be getting the mainstream platforms to package them
so that users have a reasonable upgrade path, so I would not propose
doing it for 10.

Part of the reason for keeping a number of extensions is that it helps
test our extension infrastructure. Also they server as good pieces of
example code. So I don't want to get rid of them all, or even any of
them that have any degree of significant use. I think these days
tsearch2 is very largely redundant, so that means there's a good reason
not to keep it. But that's not true of cube, isn etc.

That's based on an assumption that PGXN shouldn't be treated as part of the community effort, which I think is a mistake. Having a robust, community run extension/package/module framework has proven to be extremely valuable for other programming environments, and IMHO we should be striving to improve in that area.
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