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Jim Nasby <jim.na...@bluetreble.com> writes:
First, just to clarify: my reasons for proposing "core adoption" of PGXN
are not technical in nature.

What do you think "core adoption" means?  Surely not that anything
associated with PGXN would be in the core distro.

No, certainly not. If anything, PGXN being a first class citizen would allow for potentially removing code from core, since there would then be a first-class way for users to add it.

Right now contrib is serving two completely separate purposes:

1) location for code that (for technical reasons) should be tied to
specific PG versions
2) indication of "official endorsement" of a module by the community

This argument ignores what I think is the real technical reason for
keeping contrib, which is to have a set of close-at-hand test cases
for extension and hook mechanisms.  Certainly, not every one of the
existing contrib modules is especially useful for that purpose, but
quite a few of them are.

I was under the impression that a lot of that had moved to test, but yes, that's a consideration. That said, if local caching was added to pgxnclient I don't think it'd require much change to just pull those cases from PGXN instead of the core repo. Alternatively, they could be pulled from a git repo that's houses the source code for the official PGXN modules (or what PGXN calls a distribution).

Those kind of changes would actually help any extension author that wants to depend on another extension (namely, automatically pulling dependent extensions from PGXN). I have make targets that currently accomplish this. They'd be nicer with some additions to both extensions and PGXN, but IMHO they're workable right now.
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