On 2/14/17 2:39 PM, Andres Freund wrote:
One part of this would need to be having a designated committee of the
Postgres community pick a set of "blessed" extensions for packagers to
package.  Right now, contrib serves that purpose (badly).  One of the
reasons we haven't dealt with the extension distribution problem is that
nobody wanted to take on the issue of picking a list of blessed extensions.
I don't see the trust problem being solved by them being blessed unless
they're part of the regularly scheduled postgres back-branch
releases. Which essentially requires them to be in core, or increase the
release maintenance/management cost further.

I don't see why we'd have to touch blessed PGXN extensions any time there's a back-branch release. We don't do that with what's in core today. If we did want to do that (say, so that the extension version always matched the PG version), it wouldn't be hard to automate.

Obviously if there's a bug in an extension we'd want to do something, but tying that to the release would be completely optional.
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