Hello Corey,

If I can find some simple mnemonic for "," vs "@" for being executed vs
ignored, I could live with that, but nothing obvious comes to my mind.

@in't gonna execute it?

Hmmm... This is too much of an Americanism, IMHO.

I'm here all week, try the veal.

Sorry, syntax error, you have lost me. Some googling suggests a reference to post WW2 "lounge entertainers", probably in the USA. I also do not understand why this would mean "yes".

I'd be fine with either of these on aesthetic grounds. On technical
grounds, 'z' is harder to show.

I'm not sure that this valid technical point should be a good reason for guiding what feedback should be provided to the user, but it makes it simpler to choose two states:-)

For three states with more culturally neutral mnemonics, I thought of:
  ? for f (waiting for a true answer...)
  . for z (waiting for the end of the sentence, i.e. endif)
  & for t (no real mnemonic)

For two states:
  * for being executed (beware, it is ***important***)
  / for not (under the hood, and it is opposed to *)

Otherwise I still like "?[tfz]", but it is two characters long.


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