For two states:
  * for being executed (beware, it is ***important***)

It does lend importance, but that's also the line continuation marker for
"comment". Would that be a problem?

Argh. Indeed, even if people seldom type C comments in psql interactive mode...

Remaining ASCII characters I can thing of, hopefully avoiding already used ones: +%,@$\`|&:;_

So, maybe consider these ones:
  "+" for it is "on"
  "`" which is a "sub-shell execution"
  "&" for "and the next command is ..."

  / for not (under the hood, and it is opposed to *)

+1, I was going to suggest '/' for a false state, with two possible
    metaphors to justify it
 1. the slash in a "no" sign ("no smoking", ghostbusters, etc)
 2. the leading char of a c/java/javascript comment (what is written here
    is just words, not code)



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