The fcc FTP site is

The location of the data of interest is at

There are zip files (pipe delimited) in complete and the daily changed
files in daily.  Theres lots of info in documentation which includes
excel spreadsheets of the schema.  These will have to be converted to
sql statemtents.

The ULS is the database system that holds the data for Fixed and Mobile
wireless services.  This includes most two way systems and point to
multipoint (microwave) but not broadcast (AM, FM, TV) and not advanced

The database is really a database of applications.  It contains
application data submitted by wireless applicants.  

There are two families of tables, prefixed with 'a' and 'l'.  The 'a'
tables stand for application records that are pending being granted by
the fcc.  The 'l' tables have received licenses and may or may not be

Combined, the 'a' and 'l' zipfiles represent a specific service.  For
example, 'a_micro' and 'l_micro' contain the applications and licensed
data for microwave systems.  The different services have slightly
different layouts because they have different requirements.

I strongly suggest looking at LMcomm and LMpriv first.  These are the
fixed land mobile systems, and 90% of the entire database.  They also
have identical layouts.

There are a great deal of files in each zipfile, but here are the most

hd: header data
ad: application detail
an: antenna data
lo: location data
fr: frequency data
em: emission data

There are others.  I can help you write meaningful queries that are
quite complex and will require optimization techniques.


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