Josh Berkus wrote:
> Cool.   I'll tackle this in a week or two.  Right now, I'm being paid
> convert a client's data and that'll keep me busy through the weekend

I would suggest downloading the data now.  I can help get you started
with the create table statements and the import scripts.  There are not
very many ways to get the data in a reasonable timeframe: the spi
functions or the copy command are a good place to start.  Do not bother
with running stuff through insert queries: take my word for it, it just
won't work.  Of course, if you use copy, you have to pre-format.  Be
aware that you will have many gigabytes (like more than 20) of data
before you are done.

Whatever you decide to do, document the process: the difficulty of
getting large amounts of data into postgres quickly and easily has been
a historical complaint of mine.  Using mysql, it was a snap to get the
data in but using *that* database I really felt it couldn't handle this
much data.
I can also get you started with some example queries that should be
quite a challenge to set up to run quickly.  After that, it's your


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