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> Also check out the cdbs files (which contain the broadcast stuff as
> as
> more) at /pub/Bureaus/Mass_Media/Databases/cdbs/ (which I would be
> interested in doing, since I am a broadcast engineer by
> --
Up until about 6 months ago, I worked at a company called RadioSoft.
They are a provider of high quality database, engineering, and GIS
software.  The company has its roots as source of engineering tools for
broadcast engineers.  They currently offer several products and services
(including online web based database services), some of which are based
on postgres, some not.  You might consider checking them out.

RadioSoft's flagship product, ComStudy, is the #1 tool for broadcast
engineers on the market.  I happen to be intimately familiar with the
cdbs.  I suggested the land mobile stuff because it is (much) bigger and
(much) more complicated, but mostly draws on the same concepts, like
haat, etc.  You might get a kick out of this project.

The last project I did before leaving there was an online database of
directional patterns in xml format.  I also made up a xml schema for
directional patterns hoping to get some standardization in that regard.
You can see that in the free section of the RadioSoft web page.


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