Andres Freund <> writes:
> On 2017-02-22 08:43:28 -0500, Tom Lane wrote:
>> (To be concrete, I'm suggesting dropping --disable-integer-datetimes
>> in HEAD, and just agreeing that in the back branches, use of replication
>> protocol with float-timestamp servers is not supported and we're not
>> going to bother looking for related bugs there.  Given the lack of field
>> complaints, I do not believe anyone cares.)

> I think we should just fix it in the back branches, and drop the float
> timestamp code in 10 or 11.  I.e. 1) and then 4).

I'm not personally interested in touching this issue in the back branches,
but if you want to spend time on it, I surely won't stand in your way.

What I *am* willing to spend time on is removing float-timestamp code
in HEAD.  I've not yet heard anybody speak against doing that (or at
least, nothing I interpreted as a vote against it).  If I've not heard
any complaints by tomorrow, I'll get started on that.

I envision the following work plan:

* Reject --disable-integer-datetimes in configure.  To avoid breaking
existing build scripts unnecessarily, --enable-integer-datetimes will
still be accepted.

* Convert HAVE_INT64_TIMESTAMP to a fixed, always-defined symbol.
(We shouldn't remove it entirely because that would break third-party
code that might be testing it.  Perhaps shove it in pg_config_manual.h.)

* Possibly remove the enableIntTimes field from pg_control as well
as associated logic in places like pg_controldata.  There might be some
argument for keeping this, though ... anyone have an opinion?  pg_upgrade,
at least, would need a bespoke test instead.

* Remove appropriate user documentation.

* Remove all core-code tests for HAVE_INT64_TIMESTAMP, along with the
negative sides of those #if tests.

* Change the places in the replication code that declare timestamp
variables to declare them as TimestampTz not int64, and adjust nearby
comments accordingly.  (This will just be code beautification at this
point, but it still seems like a good idea.)

                        regards, tom lane

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