Michael wrote:
> The reason for not keeping the comments in the statement was simply to
> make the parser simpler. If you added this feature, do we still see a
> reason for keeping the old version? Or in other words, shouldn't we
> make the "enable-parse-comment" version the default without a new
> option?
Thank you for your feedback! 

As I said in the first e-mail, there are some restrictions of comment position 
in my implementation. I am concerned that an error will occur in .pgc files 
users made in old version.
So, this feature should be a new option.

When the pre-compiler(ECPG) converts C with embedded SQL to normal C code, 
gram.y is used for syntactic analysis. I need to change gram.y for comments in 
SQL statement. 
But I do not come up with better idea that gram.y is not affected.
If you are interested in my implementation in detail, please check the 
[WIP]patch I attached.

I am appreciated if you give me any idea or opinion.

Okano Naoki

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