> As I said in the first e-mail, there are some restrictions of comment
> position in my implementation. I am concerned that an error will
> occur in .pgc files users made in old version.
> So, this feature should be a new option.

I see, this makes sense.

> When the pre-compiler(ECPG) converts C with embedded SQL to normal C
> code, gram.y is used for syntactic analysis. I need to change gram.y
> for comments in SQL statement. 
> But I do not come up with better idea that gram.y is not affected.
> If you are interested in my implementation in detail, please check
> the [WIP]patch I attached.

I'm not sure we would want to change the backend parser for something
only used in ecpg. Actually I'm pretty sure we don't.

I can see two possible solutions. One would be to replace the parser
rules. Please see parse.pl for details. Some rules are already replaced
by ecpg specific ones. However, the more rules we replace the more
manual syncing effort we need for changes in gram.y.

The other option I can see, albeit without looking into details, is
allowing all comments and then testing it for the right syntax after
parsing. This could potentially also solve the above mentioned option

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