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> On 2/22/17 08:38, Pavan Deolasee wrote:
> > One reason why these macros are not always used is because they
> > typically do assert-validation to ensure ip_posid has a valid value.
> > There are a few places in code, especially in GIN and also when we are
> > dealing with user-supplied TIDs when we might get a TID with invalid
> > ip_posid. I've handled that by defining and using separate macros which
> > skip the validation. This doesn't seem any worse than what we are
> > already doing.
> I wonder why we allow that.  Shouldn't the tid type reject input that
> has ip_posid == 0?

Yes, I think it seems sensible to disallow InvalidOffsetNumber (or >
MaxOffsetNumber) in user-supplied value. But there are places in GIN and
with INSERT ON CONFLICT where we seem to use special values in ip_posid to
mean different things. So we might still need some way to accept invalid
values there.


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