Hello psql hackers,

my name is George Papadrosou, this is my first semester as graduate student at 
Georgia Tech and would like to submit a proposal to Google Summer of Code, for 
the project "Eliminate O(N^2) scaling from rw-conflict tracking in serializable 

A short bio, I have a CS undergraduate degree from Athens University of 
Economics and Business. I had taken two databases courses where the first one 
was about sql, relational algebra, xpath and generally using an RDBMS while the 
second one was more about the internals, like  storage, indexing, query 
planning and transactions.

I have 3+ years professional experience in web technologies with a focus on the 
backend and I recently started my master with specialization in computing 
systems. One of my first courses that I am finishing this May is High 
Performance Computing(parallel algorithms), which seems to be closely related 
to this GSOC project.

I have not done any research on databases yet but I regard this project as an 
opportunity to make an initial contact with postgres' internals until I dive 
more into database algorithms. My future goal is to work on databases full

I am going to prepare a draft proposal for this project and share it with you 
soon. The project’s description is pretty clear, do you think it should be more 
strictly defined in the proposal?

Until then, I would like to familiarize myself a bit with the codebase and fix 
some bug/todo. I didn’t find many [E] marked tasks in the todo list so the task 
I was thinking is "\s without arguments (display history) fails with libedit, 
doesn't use pager either - psql \s not working on OSX”. However, it works on my 
OSX El Capitan laptop with Postgres 9.4.4. Would you suggest some other starter 

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,

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