Hi George, 

I am Mengxing Liu. Happy to meet someone with the same idea : )

I have been concentrating on it for a long time, reading papers, reading source 
codes, and discussing details with Mr Grittner.  So I really understand your 
passion on it. But definitely I don't want all these effects to be in vain. So, 
maybe a little ruthless, would you mind to consider transferring to the other 

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> [including Mengxing Liu in response, for reasons that should become
> obvious below...]
> Hi George,
> On Thu, Mar 9, 2017 at 6:49 PM, George Papadrosou <gpapadro...@gmail.com> 
> wrote:
> > my name is George Papadrosou, this is my first semester as
> > graduate student at Georgia Tech and would like to submit a
> > proposal to Google Summer of Code, for the project "Eliminate
> > O(N^2) scaling from rw-conflict tracking in serializable
> > transactions”.
> I was recently contacted off-list by Mengxing Liu, who has been
> looking at the same project, and said he was planning to submit a
> GSoC proposal.  Rather than have one of you sit this out, do either
> of you feel comfortable taking a different project instead?  Since
> you've both been looking at the serializable code and supporting
> documents, perhaps one of you could change to the other suggested
> Serializable project?
> > I am going to prepare a draft proposal for this project and share
> > it with you soon. The project’s description is pretty clear, do
> > you think it should be more strictly defined in the proposal?
> At a minimum, the proposal should include list of milestones you
> expect to reach along the way, and a timeline indicating when you
> expect to reach them.  Some description of the benchmarks you intend
> to run would be also be very good.
> > Until then, I would like to familiarize myself a bit with the
> > codebase and fix some bug/todo. I didn’t find many [E] marked
> > tasks in the todo list so the task I was thinking is "\s without
> > arguments (display history) fails with libedit, doesn't use pager
> > either - psql \s not working on OSX”. However, it works on my OSX
> > El Capitan laptop with Postgres 9.4.4. Would you suggest some
> > other starter task?
> There is a CommitFest in progress; reviewing patches is a good way
> to become involved and familiar with the community processes.
> https://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/CommitFest
> --
> Kevin Grittner

Mengxing Liu

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