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> George,
> * George Papadrosou (gpapadro...@gmail.com) wrote:
>> my name is George Papadrosou, this is my first semester as graduate student 
>> at Georgia Tech and would like to submit a proposal to Google Summer of 
>> Code, for the project "Eliminate O(N^2) scaling from rw-conflict tracking in 
>> serializable transactions”.
> Fantastic!  I'll let Kevin comment on your questions regarding that
> project.

+1, welcome.  It would be very cool to see SERIALIZABLE get faster.

>> Until then, I would like to familiarize myself a bit with the codebase and 
>> fix some bug/todo. I didn’t find many [E] marked tasks in the todo list so 
>> the task I was thinking is "\s without arguments (display history) fails 
>> with libedit, doesn't use pager either - psql \s not working on OSX”. 
>> However, it works on my OSX El Capitan laptop with Postgres 9.4.4. Would you 
>> suggest some other starter task?
> One of the best things which you can do to start learning the PostgreSQL
> code base is to review existing patches which have been proposed for
> inclusion.  Now is a great time to be doing that as the feature freeze
> for the next version of PostgreSQL (PG v10) is at the end of the month
> and there's a ton of patches which need reviewing.
> The patches which need reviewing can be seen here:
> https://commitfest.postgresql.org/13/


This is a large commitfest so there's a pretty wide range of
interesting stuff to help out with, and many ways to help including
documentation, testing and code review.

One small patch that just might interest you, based on your interest
in SERIALIZABLE and also in parallelism, is my fledgling attempt to
connect those two features:


Unfortunately SERIALIZABLE support has not yet been included with a
couple of really important recent Postgres features: parallelism and
streaming replication.  I suspect the latter may be quite hard to fix
and the former quite easy.  If you're currently studying the
SERIALIZABLE internal data structures then you might like to review
that patch and tell me if my optimism is entirely misplaced, and
figure out how to test and break it...

That said, please pick anything that interests you!

Thomas Munro

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