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> Hi,
> I took a look at this patch. Overall, the patch looks good to me.
> However, there are some review comments that I would like to share,
> 1. I think the macro 'PATH_MAX' used in pg_waldump.c file is specific
> to Linux. It needs to be changed to some constant value or may be
> MAXPGPATH inorder to make it platform independent.
> 2. As already mentioned by Jim and Kuntal upthread, you are trying to
> detect the configured WAL segment size in pg_waldump.c and
> pg_standby.c files based on the size of the random WAL file which
> doesn't look like a good idea. But, then I think the only option we
> have is to pass the location of pg_control file to pg_waldump module
> along with the start and end wal segments.
> 3. When trying to compile '02-initdb-walsegsize-v2.patch' on Windows,
> I got this warning message,
> Warning    1    warning C4005: 'DEFAULT_XLOG_SEG_SIZE' : macro
> redefinition
> c:\users\ashu\postgresql\src\include\pg_config_manual.h    20
> Apart from these, I am not having any comments as of now. I am still
> validating the patch on Windows. If I find any issues i will update
> it.
> Thank you for your reviews Kuntal, Jim, Ashutosh

Attached in an updated 02 patch which:

   1. Call RetrieveXLogSegSize(conn) in pg_receivewal.c
   2. Remove the warning in Windows
   3. Change PATH_MAX in pg_waldump with MAXPGPATH

Regarding the usage of the wal file size as the XLogSegSize, I agree with
what Robert has said. Generally, the wal size will be of the expected
wal_segment_size and to have it any other size, esspecially of a valid
power2 value is extremely rare and I feel it is not a major cause of

Thank you,

Beena Emerson
EnterpriseDB: http://www.enterprisedb.com

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