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> This is looking pretty neat.  I played around with it a bit.  There are
> a couple of edge cases that you need to address, I think.

Thanks, original code is very synoptical and and well prepared for adding
new formats.

> - Does not support \x

I know, i dnot`t know, if \x make sense in this case. I will look, how it
is done in other formats like html. I think, that it should work in sense,
that table generated to rst should give similar output after processing
like output of html format.

> - When \pset format is rst, then \pset linestyle also shows up as
>   "rst".  That is wrong.  Same for markdown.

I will look on this.

> - Broken output in tuples_only (\t) mode. (rst and markdown)

Similar to \x, im not certain, what it should return. I will look, what
returns html format. Or i can use it in markdown for nice vs expanded

> - rst: Do something about \pset title; the way it currently shows up
>   appears to be invalid; could use ".. table:: title" directive

OK, it shouldn`t be problem alter this.

> - markdown: Extra blank line between table and footer.

It is because markdown needs empty line after table, if is row count

> - markdown: We should document or comment somewhere exactly which of the
>   various markdown table formats this is supposed to produce.  (Pandoc
>   pipe_tables?)

I use format that was similar to aligned format and ascii linestyle,
because it allows me to use existing features. I should look over more
table styles in markdown.

> - markdown: Table title needs to be after the table, like
>     Table: title
> I will change this.

> - markdown: Needs to escape | characters in cell contents.  (Not
>   needed for rst.)  More escaping might be needed.

This can be problem because of aligning, i will look on this, this same
problem as replace newline with </br> for markdown.

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