On 03/07/2017 04:01 AM, Andres Freund wrote:

Attached is an updated version of the patchset, but more importantly
some benchmark numbers.

I wanted to do a bit of testing and benchmarking on this, but 0004 seems to be a bit broken. The patch does not apply anymore - there are some conflicts in execQual.c, but I think I fixed those. But then I ran into a bunch of compile-time errors, because some of the executor nodes still reference bits that were moved elsewhere.

E.g. there's no targetlist in PlanState anymore, yet nodeGatherMerge and nodeTableFuncscan do this:

        gm_state->ps.targetlist = (List *)
                ExecInitExpr((Expr *) node->plan.targetlist,
                                         (PlanState *) gm_state);

Some of the nodes also assign to ps.qual values that are (List *), but that field was switched to ExprState. That needs fixing, I guess.


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